Growing Berries…Enjoying Berries!
There are so many things you can grow in your garden to enjoy on the dinner table. All kinds of fruits, nuts and vegetables are among the possibilities, but one of the favorites is always berries.
Part of the appeal is that there are some many different kind of berry producing plants that we can grow in our gardens, from small strawberry plants to sprawling grape vines. Sweet, juicy fruits growing right in your own garden…now that’s something to get excited about! Deciding which ones are right for you starts with asking yourself what you enjoy eating, and beyond that…it’s really just about the fun of growing them and the reward of success.
Here’s a list of popular berry plants you will find available at Skinner’s this spring. If you have questions about any of them, stop by and let us know. We are always glad to help.
Strawberries – Earliglow, Honeoye, Surecrop, Ozark Beauty
Blackberries – Chickasaw, Prime-Ark 45, Prime-Ark Freedom, Triple Crown
Red Raspberries – Encore, Heritage, Latham, Prelude, Raspberry Shortcake
Black Raspberries – Jewell
Gooseberries – Pixwell
Red Currants – Red Lake
Black Currants – Consort
Golden Currants (Clove Currant)
Grapes – Catawba, Cynthiana (Norton), Concord, Fredonia, Himrod, Mars, Niagara, Reliance, Venus  
Serviceberries – Regent
Blueberries – Bluecrop, Blueray, Jelly Bean, Nelson, Northsky
Elderberries – Adams, Bob Gordon, York
Kiwi – Issai

You can find more information about each of these varieties along with lots of other fruit and nut plants in “Edibles” section of our current catalog. Here’s a quick link for you.