Early Spring Planting
The early warm up we’ve been enjoying has a lot of people asking us if it is okay to start planting. The answer is….absolutely!
Although colder weather will more than likely return again a time or two, that doesn’t create a problem when it comes to planting hardy plants. Go ahead and start planting trees and shrubs, feel free to start lining out the early vegetable garden, celebrate early spring with some colorful pansies in you front porch pots and get those bare spots in lawn filled in with some fresh seed. We are slowly starting to move our nursery stock back out on to the sales lot, but there are a lot of plants to be moved and it takes some time. If you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, just let us know. Chances are pretty good we have what you are looking for still stashed in one of our overwintering houses.
Inside, our bare root cooler is up and running full force and we’ve received most of the things we keep in there during the early spring. Fruit trees, seed potatoes, onions, asparagus and strawberries are all in and the last few odds and ends are expected any day now. These should all be planted out early in the spring for best results, come get yours while the supplies are good!

Early spring is great time to plant. Take advantage of the early spring weather and get some projects done!