Bare Root Fruit Trees

One of the best ways to plant fruit trees in the springtime is bare root. Bare root is a strange term to most people, but it means pretty much what it sounds like…the roots are bare.
That may seem weird to most folks, and it might even a little scary to some, but you can feel confident that when handled properly, transplanting fruit trees bare root is the preferred way to go. The key to that statement is “handled properly”. Bare root fruit trees (or any other bare root plants for that matter) have no soil on their roots. Their roots are very susceptible to drying out, and when that happens, plants die. We have refrigeration facilities to hold and store our fruit trees properly. We take time on a daily basis to make sure they are staying dormant and their roots are being kept moist. When you come in to make your purchase, will package your purchase up to protect it until you get it home. The only time these trees aren’t in refrigeration is on their ride home with you. Don’t get these confused with the dried up bundles of near dead plants you walk past as you enter a lot of the big stores or you maybe have received through mail order in the past.
We have them available for only a few months each spring and then after that, they are “out of season” until next year. They transplant easier (usually that means more successfully), they are less awkward to haul home and best yet they are cheaper!
And don’t think bare root automatically means the trees will be small and puny. Most of the trees were sell are 2-3 years old, allowing for a nice starting height and usually a good set of branches.
We don’t have them in yet, but it won’t be long, hopefully before the end of February. If you are thinking you would like have some fruit trees growing in the yard, keep bare root in mind!
Click here to connect to the Edible Section of our catalog. There are a few variety changes that will be made to it in the upcoming weeks, but it is a pretty good representation of the kinds of fruit trees, as well as other edible crops we have available both container grown and bare root at Skinner’s.