Broadleaf Weeds – what do I do?

Broadleaf Weeds in My Lawn…What Do I Do?
Many homeowners find that all the great growth of spring also brings along with it a noticeable growth of weeds in the lawn…weeds that don’t look good and that are choking out the lawn.
Although the absolute best time to tackle these broadleaf weeds is late in the fall, the next best time to nail them is right now…before they get any bigger! There’s more than one way to go at them, but two of the best approaches with spraying them with Fertilome Weed-Free Zone or treating the yard with a weed and feed combination called Weed-Free Zone Plus Lawn Food. Both contain a highly effective broadleaf weed killer and the weed and feed product has a great fertilizer formulation for late spring applications…like right now!
Broadleaf lawn weeds really aren’t that hard to get rid of if you use the right product and you do things right. If you’ve had limited success in the past, give these products a try and if you have any other questions, just let us know!