Cameron’s Message 12/5/14

We are officially in the Christmas Season!

All the plants have been tucked away into our overwintering structures and Christmas trees, greens, wreaths and winter porch pots have taken their place…ahhh, the fresh smells of the season! Inside, you’ll find poinsettias, amaryllis and of course, lots of great tools and gardening gadgets.

At home, I’ve wrapped things up for the season too. The planting is done, I’ve spread the last wheel barrel of mulch and I’ve put my own tools away for the season. Landscape projects have now been replaced with holiday decorating projects. The Christmas lights are up, the inside of the house has been transformed (okay, my wife did all of that!) and working up some winter porch pots is definitely in my future.

It’s only been a few weeks of “winter” and already my mind it scheming on next year.

That’s just the way all of us gardeners are wired. We’re always looking ahead and making plans for the future, anticipating all the great things to come…hopefully!

There’s nothing wrong with that, just make sure you take time to enjoy today.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic pace the Holiday Season brings and sometimes that can lead to too much focus about tomorrow and not enough on today. I know I’m guilty of it.

My advice, slow down and enjoy!

Enjoy everything this time of the year brings. Celebrate the Season with family and friends and enjoy every day to the fullest. There’s lots of down time in January to worry about the garden!

Happy Holidays!

-Cameron Rees