Decorate with Fresh Greens and More!

 Finally some cold weather!  That cold weather can only mean one thing, it is the holiday season!  Christmas trees, wreaths, greens, roping and porch pots of course.  It is time to decorate.  You can get everything you need to decorate your porch, patio, banister and home here at Skinner’s.  Fraser Fir trees make great trees to decorate with their short, firm needles.  Add some roping and greens to your porch rails and fencing.  Every front door certainly needs a wreath with pinecones and ribbons this time of year.
Don’t think your window boxes and patio pots are done for the year!  It’s time to fill them with greens! You can even keep the soil in there to help the greens stay upright.  Pinecones, dogwood stems and holiday picks and ribbons finish them off nicely!  If you don’t know how to make a porch pot, call and ask when the next class is! 
See you at Skinner’s!