Earthworm Castings

What’s New?…Worm Poop!
Kansas Kirk’s Gardenworks is some of the finest quality worm castings you can find anywhere! 
We are thrilled to carry this new local product! Produced only about 50 miles from Skinner’s, Kirk Junod is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and is super passionate about organic gardening…and WORMS! 
Kirk feeds his cultured night crawlers, organic peat moss and local grains and their poop, aka…worm castings…is a natural fertilizer that provides your plants nutrients to help them grow. Each bag is packed full of worm castings and does not contain leftover peat moss or fillers like other worm castings products. This is great for vegetables, annuals, lawns, seed flats, trees and shrubs, and more…even worm casting tea!