Flower & Vegetable Seed: It’s Time to Stock Up

2015 seed is here, and we’ve got an impressive selection!

Think of us for your one-stop-shop needs when it comes to garden seed. We’ve added more organic seed, and a new panel called The Cook’s Garden, which gives you recipes for different plants you’re growing. It’s sure to make the vegetable garden more fun this year with ideas for how to use your produce in the kitchen. We’ve got a bunch of new varieties on the racks too, so you can enjoy trying new things while also growing the staples.  Atomic Red Carrots, Watermelon Mantanghong Radish, Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon, Flamingo Celosia, Superbissima Blend Salpiglossis are only a few on the long list. If you plan ahead with your vegetable gardens, and flower beds, you can start things from seed and transplant them outdoors later in the season. Come check out all of the new varieties, and stock-up for some indoor gardening!