Good Gardens Start with Good Prep

Good Gardens Start with Good Prep
How many of you take care of your soil like it takes care of you? Do you know that our soil needs to be fed just like we do? Whether you grow all of your own food or simply love your ornamentals, here is a list of things you can add to improve and maintain your soil’s health:
  • Compost: Start your own pile with food scraps and yard waste, or buy bagged cotton burr compost and composted manure. Use every time you plant!
  • Earthworm Castings: Start your own worm farm, or pick up a bag of Kansas Kirk’s pure worm castings already bagged. This will introduce beneficial microbes and bacteria to your soil with a neutral ph.
  • Soil Conditioner: Happy Frog produces a blend of earthworm castings, bat guano and mycorrhizae that stimulate and feed the microbes in your soil and give your soil some umph! 
  • Trace Minerals: Improve the nutrient content of your fruits and vegetables by replacing the minerals that the veggies absorb. Soil Mender Minerals Plus will do the trick!
  • Cover Crops: Cover crops are typically planted in between food crops. They improve the overall fertility of the soil and release nutrients to the microbes in the soil. Many varieties of cover crops exist from nitrogen fixing legumes, alfalfa, rye, buckwheat, and red clover. 
  • We understand that your garden and flower beds are an investment of time and money. Yearly maintenance of your soil will prove beneficial for your plants and for you!