Lawn Care in November: Winterize and Kill Weeds

It’s time to kill weeds!
You know all those weeds that you cuss every spring?…the dandelions, the clover, the henbit and the chickweed? Well, they need to be controlled now. Basically from now until Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to get rid of these weeds. You need to apply a product by Fertilome called Weed Free Zone. Do it right and that’s just what you will have, a weed-free zone! And don’t forget about the fertilizer while you are at it. Make sure you get your Fertilome Winterizer down before Thanksgiving too.
There’s another option if you are looking for an “all-in-one” opportunity. Fertilome Weed Out Plus Lawn Food is a “weed & feed” product that gives your lawn a good late season feeding while at the same time controlling broadleaf weeds. You can use it to both winterize and kill weeds in one application. It’s not as effective as spraying, but it can be a time saver.
One last note, in order to protect newly planted grass, never apply weed control products until you have mowed that new grass at least three times.
Stop by and get what you need to continue your lawn care program this season. We’ll help you pick out the right product for your lawn care needs.