Mulch Everything!

When Mother Nature dumps much needed rain on us at the very beginning of Spring, many of us celebrate the fact that warm weather and lots of green are sure to follow.
The random weather patterns have us feeling uncertain about what each new day will bring. Will it be hot, cold, wet, windy or a random combination of all of the above? We have many customers that have cleaned up the flower beds, finished their pruning, planned out their vegetable gardens, and are still wondering what they could/should be doing. I will ask you one of the questions I often ask them: have you mulched yet?
Mulching your garden, flower beds, raised beds and around every tree is crucial, if not necessary, for the long-term survival of your plants. We offer a variety of mulches here at Skinner’s with different textures, colors and sizes. We have four selections available in bulk, and even more bagged ready to load up. Regardless of type or color, they all serve the same main purposes:
  • Mulch helps conserve the amount of water you use and reduces evaporation.
  • Mulch helps control weed growth.
  • Mulch helps regulate soil temperature.
  • Mulch will enhance the curb appeal of any flower bed or planting.
What should you mulch? Everything. When should you mulch? Every time you plant. We know that anytime you spend time, energy and money to improve your yard and garden you are making an investment. Protect your investment and give it the best chance of success by mulching regularly. If you have questions about our mulch options, please come visit us in the garden center!
-Mike Ray