As we push through the ups and downs of this cold late winter, I am reminded about a question that we seem to get every year….do I need to plant onion sets or onion transplants? 
Onion sets are typically what we plant when we want green onions (scallions) early, or larger onions with more of a traditional onion flavor later on. Onion transplants, sometimes just called plants or starts, are typically sweeter tasting onions that are sold in bundles identified by their names. Popular varieties include Red Candy, Yellow Candy, Texas 1015, Yellow Granex (the Vidalia Onion) and Bermuda. 

Typically sets can be planted in mid-March and plants in early April. Of course, this all depends on the curveballs that Mother Nature throws us! Onions have shallow root systems, and need regular watering and fertilizing in order to get the best results. Managing weeds is also crucial for a decent bulb size! 
Our sets are in! We have red, yellow, and white sets, as well as my personal favorite Cippolini onions. We should start getting plants in well before St Patty’s Day, and as always, the most popular varieties tend to go fast! 
If you have any questions about onions or what you might need to be successful, stop by the Garden Center. We’re always glad to help!
-Mike Ray