The Dirt – A Bird in the Hand?

A Bird in the Hand?

Most of the truck drivers that bring long haul deliveries to us drive solo.

A few are team drivers. Usually that’s a husband/wife team, but not always… 

Like last week, this team was a first.

A man… and two birds. More specifically, macaws, I believe. But, I’m no bird expert.

I’ve already lost track of his name; (It’s been a little crazy around here lately!) but, he said that he and his copilots have been traveling together for 18 years. I’m guessing he does most of the driving. 😊

Anyway, it was a fun break for everyone. You just never know who or what you’re going to see!

We’ve received a lot more plants into the nursery over the last couple of weeks, and the next two weeks should be even busier. If you haven’t started on your spring projects yet, it’s time to get busy!

Hope to see you around the garden center!


Cameron Rees, General Manager

Spring Color

The grass is greening up. Buds are swelling on the trees. Signs of Spring are all around us. At the nursery, Spring color is abundant!

Spring welcome from pansies.
Stock is also a beautiful annual flower that smells wonderful.
Creeping Phlox is a great spring blooming groundcover.
Lenten Rose blooms super early with very unique flowers.
PJM Rhododendron
Red Haven Peach gives beautiful blooms and yummy fruit.
Double Weeping Higan Cherry
Bonfire Dwarf Flowering Peach
Magical Gold Forsythia

Grow Great Onions

If you haven’t gotten your onions planted yet, you still have time.

Onions are an easy to grow, early season crop that can be harvested any time through their growing season, pulling them early for smaller, green onions or letting them go to harvest large bulbs.

You can plant them from sets (these are small, marble-sized onion bulbs) or from plants (these are young onion seedlings). Either can be grown for pulling onion or storage onions, but for quicker green onions, try planting sets and for better crops of large onion bulbs, try planting onion plants. Candy and Red Candy are two of the best varieties for our area.

Keep the weeds under control and remember to fertilize for best growth.

“Thymely” Advice

Crabgrass Preventer - You're Just About Out of Time!

Just a quick reminder… get your crabgrass preventer down.

Mid-April is the traditional cut-off date for an effective application. That’s almost here, so don’t wait any longer!

And, don’t forget…

Your application isn’t truly applied until you’ve watered it in, so follow things up with a watering from a sprinkler or your irrigation system… or pray for rain !

Closed Easter Sunday

The store will be closed on Sunday, April 17 in observance of Easter. We’ll see you again – bright and early – on Monday, April 18. Enjoy your holiday!