The Dirt – A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart

My daughter broke my dog. But, luckily, it was only for a few days.

Potter – that’s our dog – gets mopey when any of us leave for a period of time. When he spots a suitcase, he knows what’s coming and he gets starts getting clingy. Then, when that person finally leaves… the heartache kicks in.

Well, Catelyn (the “oldest” of our twin daughters – by about six minutes) was back home recently. During her stay, she and Potter spent a lot of time together. Potter (and Catelyn) were in heaven.

But, then she had to go back home, and his world came collapsing down around him.

First, my wife found him “nesting” in the bedding that she’d removed from our daughter’s bedroom. That was day one.

A few days later, he was still in his funk. This is him lying at the foot of her bed… waiting, hopefully, she’ll return.

Besides a broken dog, Catelyn left behind another reminder of her time back home, And, this one is a bit more cheerful… flowers!

She’s always had a knack for flower-arranging and she’s good about sharing that talent with us when she’s home. It’s usually things from the yard – which makes those arrangements even more special. It’s always fun to bring a little of the outdoors inside.

And, speaking of the outdoors… fall is coming right along at the store. We received several more loads of trees, shrubs and mums; and pumpkins are scheduled to arrive later today. There’s a lot of beautiful color out here! Fall’s a great time to plant, so take advantage of it.

As always, if you need help figuring things out, just let us know. We’re here to help. All you need to do is come see us.

And, just in case you were wondering, Potter’s not broke anymore!

Happy Gardening! 

Cameron Rees, General Manager

What's New? Lots!

Bluebeard and Candy Corn Spirea are a stunning combination!
Fall fruits are coloring up!
Just landed some more Hydrangea Trees!
Grass plumes in the fall… what a show!
Mums, mums and more mums!
There are so many coneflowers to choose from now!
Black-eyed Susans are still a garden favorite!
Lots of fall flower color!
Just landed all kinds of magnolias… and a few have blooms!

Keys for Successful Lawn Seeding

Fall is the best time to plant grass seed, with September being the center of that target. Whether you’re overseeing a beat-up lawn, or planting a new one, now’s the time to get it done. So here are a few tips:

·        Prep your lawn properly – First, mow your lawn short and remove all the extra clippings. Next, power-rake/verti-slice your lawn and remove all that debris, too. (You can rent verti-slicers all over town.) Doing both of these things will help “open” up the ground, making it easier for the grass seed you apply to come into contact with soil. That’s important.

·        Apply grass seed and starter fertilizer at the appropriate rates – This can’t be over stressed. Too much or too little of either can doom all your hard work. Fertilome New Lawn Starter comes in bags large enough to cover 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 square feet. That’s your starter fertilizer. Remember, use only what is needed. Grass seed should be our Premium Tall Fescue Blend and should be spread with the following rates in mind:  bare ground – seed at 6-8 lbs/1,000 sq ft, over-seeding existing lawns – seed at 3-4 lbs/1,000 sq ft, and for either of those activities in more shaded parts of the yard, reduce your seeding rate by as much as 50%.

·        Incorporate the grass seed – If you’re seeding onto bare ground, gently rake the seed in when you’re done. Your aim is to get the seed just lightly covered with soil. If your over-seeding into existing grass, run the verti-slicer/power-rake over yard one more time after your seed and fertilizer have been applied.

·        Clean up before you water – Blow off or sweep off sidewalks, driveways, patios, the street, etc. This gets all the seed and fertilizer you applied where you need it and not in the storm sewer. It also prevents staining that can occur from fertilizer left on concrete surfaces.

·        Water, water, water! – Watering following seeding will make or break the project. Once the seeding is done and the concrete is all clean, it’s time to start watering. Germination will take place in about a week. Until you get all your seed up and growing, it’s critical it never dries out. Keep the seedbed moist by light watering multiple times a day, as needed. Germinating seed that gets too dry will die, and once it’s dead, no amount of water will bring it back.

·        Keep mowing – Continue to mow the lawn as needed, just be gentle. For completely new stands, start mowing as soon as the grass is tall enough to be cut. For over-seeded stands, continue mowing like normal, cutting the lawn whenever it gets tall enough to need it.

And, don’t forget, if you aren’t planting any grass seed this fall, it’s time for the Orange Bag – Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron.

It's Fall!

A week ago, I was at the tail end of my daughter’s softball practice, which ends at 8:00 pm. There was still daylight, no need for the lights. A couple days ago though… at the same time… they needed the lights. It changed that quick! And, the  mornings are a little darker when I wake up, too! But, with the shorter days approaching, we get to enjoy all that fall has to offer.

As Fall quickly approaches with the much-welcomed cooler morning and cooler evenings, it gets us thinking about the colors of fall. The time has come to switch out the tired summer annuals for the vibrant oranges, reds, yellow and purples of fall.

Check these out!

Misty Brown, Lath House Manager