The Dirt – Chased by a Buffalo

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the colors of fall were everywhere. It was a perfect day.

A couple of weekends ago, my wife, one of my daughters and I made our way over to the Iliff Commons to take in some hiking. Woods, prairie, a pond, a cabin… we even came across a small herd of buffalo.

Fortunately for us, the buffalo we came across were not the real deal!

We enjoyed fresh air, lots of sunshine and a wonderful experience. We hiked through the prairie. We made our way through woodland trails. We listened to birds and wildlife along with the crunch of leaves, and we slowed down a little and enjoyed our time together sharing the experience.

It was nice.

The Commons is located right here in Topeka, over on the NE side of the city. It’s easy to get to, open all day long to the public, free of charge, and a beautiful example of both prairie and forest ecosystems.

And it’s absolutely beautiful.

If you haven’t been, put it on your list. Here’s more information:

Meanwhile… back at the store, we’re in transition.

We’re still planting, but we’re also getting ready for a winter season we know will be coming. Plants are being moved into overwintering structures and trees are begin staged in mulched holding areas.

At the same time, we getting ready for a holiday season that will soon be here.

The lath house, the store and the back patio are being reset for winter greens, poinsettias and fresh cut Fraser Fir Christmas trees.

It’s a weird time. Things are going in a lot of different directions, but we’re still doing what we always do…helping gardeners.

We still have trees and shrubs. We’re still planting fall bulbs, and we’re still here. If you need any, come see us.

Cameron Rees, General Manager

What's New?! Amaryllis!

Amaryllis are a winter staple in my house. Their huge blooms add a nice touch of color and life at a time of the year the garden outside isn’t so forthcoming.

These large bulbs are easy to grow and enjoy, and they also make great gifts through the holidays.


"Thymely" Advice: Kill Weeds Now

If you haven’t scouted the yard yet, it’s time.

Most of the weeds we find invading our lawns during the spring months actually get their start in the fall.

Things like henbit and chickweed typically germinate in the fall, over winter they are hidden in your lawn, and then they come to life with a vengeance in the spring.

Other perennial weeds like dandelions and clover are hanging out in your lawns right now, too.

And now’s the best time to catch them.

You’ve got a couple of options. Spray them with Fertilome Weed-Free Zone or treat the yard with a granular application of Fertilome Weed-Out Plus Lawn Food. This second product provides weed control as well as acting as a winterizer fertilizer for your lawn.

Make sure to follow label directions for both products and get them applied soon. 

Winter Porch Pot Workshop
This Weekend

The Winter Porch Pot Workshop is this weekend! The dates are Friday, November 18, Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20 with multiple time slots each day.

Here is a rundown of what you can expect and what you’re going to get. The cost is For $69.99 you will receive a 12” container, a spruce top, one bundle of pine, one more bundle of greens, and a bundle of picks. We have several other picks you can add at an additional cost.

There is also a “To Go” option if you wish to pay for the class over the phone and pick up the supplies. You will receive everything listed above along with paper instructions and a link to a video to watch. Also remember…. we will have lots of ready-made porch pots already done up for you to purchase and enjoy at home.

Registration is required. Contact Misty at 785-230-4703 or

Misty Brown, Lath House Manager

Don't Forget! We Have Straw!