The Dirt – We Made it “Right into the Danger Zone!” 🎼

We finally made it.

A couple of Sundays ago, my wife and I finally made it to the theater to catch Top Gun: Maverick… and it was great!

Sequels often disappoint, but this one pulled it off. There was just the right amount of fresh story line blended carefully into old characters, with just enough light-hearted cheesiness to keep it honest.

And, of course, lots of action!

It was the perfect blend of old and new.  It took us back down memory lane to 1985 while at the same time propelling us through a high-speed adventure in 2022. It was great!

I wonder if there will be another sequel in 35 years?!

We don’t make it to the movie theater very often, and this was our first experience at the new B&B Theatre here in town. Very nice! Watching movies on the big screen from a comfy tippy-back chair… I’m a fan. We’ll be back.

Last Saturday we threw a little Fall Kick Off + Customer Appreciation Party here at the garden store. That was great, too!

The weather was perfect and, of course, the beer was amazing. Thanks again to Jarred and Adam of Norseman Brewing Company for spending the afternoon with us serving some of their finest.  And, thanks to all of you that came out and enjoyed some of the same. 

The fall chill is definitely in the air and that – along with the time of year – is pushing some impressive fall color. The show’s just starting, but it looks like it’s going to be a good one. Get ready!

If you need anything, keep us in mind. We’ll be here. (In the meantime, enjoy this little flashback!)

Cameron Rees, General Manager

Things Are Changing!

Cool weather’s got these Firelight Panicle Hydrangeas blushing pink!
Quick Fire Fab Panicle Hydrangea are blushing, too!
Blue Heaven Little Bluestem are amazing this time of year!
Kentucky Coffeetree has great gold fall color!
Autumn Blaze Maple…it’s always a favorite!
Mums are still showing great fall colors!

Fall Houseplant Care

It’s time to start preparing your houseplants that you have had outside all summer to be brought inside for the winter.

One of the biggest things you need think about it is getting rid of any pests that might be on your plants before you bring them inside. We have two products that we recommend. The first is Insecticidal Soap and it comes in a ready to use spray bottle. You will want to spray on the tops and underside of the leaves. Let the product dry before bringing your plant in. The other is a Systemic Insect Granule that you will sprinkle on the soil of the plant and water in.

Another thing to think of when bringing in your plants is not to place them in direct sun and avoid drafty windows and vents!

It's Garlic Time!

We just received our shipment of garlic for fall planting. It’s time to plant!

Garlic is an easy crop to grow as long as you follow a few basic guidelines.

  • Plant it in the fall (like right now!)
  • Plant individual cloves about 6” apart about 2-3” deep.
  • Fertilize after planting and then water in.
  • Mulch lightly.

Next spring, keep your patch weeded and watered as needed. You’ll should be harvesting fresh garlic by late spring/early summer.


Have You Got Your Seeding Done Yet?

If you haven’t wrapped your fall seeding, it’s time to get it done.

As a general rule, mid-October is our cut-off for fall seeding. However, having said that, most years you can successfully seed all the way to the end of the month… but earlier is always better. Get it done soon!