The Dirt – Is It Just A Rumor?

Is It Just A Rumor?

It’s coming. Trust me.

It seems like we can’t shake the cold weather. Ice and the snow keep showing up in the forecast. But, despite the persistent reappearance of winter, we all know that any of these events could be the last big one of the season.

Like I said, trust me. It’s coming.

You can still tell spring is getting closer – all the signs are there. There’s more evening sunlight to enjoy when you get home, buds on the trees are starting to swell, the spring bulbs are starting to poke through the ground, and even the birds seem to be singing happier songs on the nice mornings.

Just like those bulbs, spring is pushing its way through… and I’m ready for it. How about you?

There’s  a lot we do out here to get ready for each new season. Ordering, receiving, new signs, new labels, new products, new crops, hiring new help…

… Now, that’s a big one.

Cameron Rees, General Manager

Each spring, we add on new team members to help us with what we do. Folks inside helping with the registers, folks outside helping with the plants, and folks on our landscape crew helping create beautiful yards. It takes a lot of people to make a successful season happen, and we’re actively looking.

But not just anybody. We’re picky.

Sure, we want folks that like plants and like to garden. That kind of makes sense. But, we also want people who like people – and that’s even more important. Yes, plants and gardening and all that green and flowering stuff are a big part of what we do, but customers – that would be all of you – are the reason we can be here doing it.

Everyone in our business is involved in customer service, and we take that part very seriously. We know we can teach someone what they need to know about plants, but being a people person…you either are or you aren’t. That’s not something we’re going to be able to change.

So, if you aren’t a people person these positions may not be a good fit.

But if you are – and you  think plants are pretty cool – keep us in mind. We are looking for people like you!

We’re hiring right now for a variety of positions. All are
physical, all will involve outdoor work, and all will be starting soon. We offer
flexible hours, full-time and part-time schedules, an employee discount on
everything, and lots of fresh air and sunshine!

If you think this may be of interest to you, or you know
someone who may be a good fit, click here to learn more about open positions.

Keep us in mind!

Featured Products

Watch out for the frogs!
Anybody need some pig gloves???
Spinner assemble is in full swing!
A fresh load of houseplants just arrived!
Swiss Cheese Philodendron… this one’s well named!
Zulu Sansevieria - they’re so dark they’re almost black!

Watch Out! Here Comes the Snake Plant!

Sansevieria, Snake Plant, Mother-In-Laws Tongue… you know it by many names. Whatever you call it, you know it and you love it. It is probably one of the most known houseplants out there, next to the good ol’ Pothos.

And why is it so popular?

Because it thrives on neglect! Why wouldn’t you want a plant that will take bright light or low light and very little water?!

Sansevieria were originally found in the dry, arid regions of Africa and Southern Asia. Their leaves are thick and succulent where they store water to help reduce the loss of moisture. White flower may appear on a long, leafless stem in summer or fall.

There are many shapes, colors and sizes of Snake Plant, so start collecting them now!

Misty Brown, Lath House Manager

For All Season Crabgrass - Pre-Emergent

I’m sure it was someone famous that said, “The best way to stop a problem is to prevent the problem from even happening.”

If you have ever dealt with crabgrass, then you definitely know this to be true.

Sure, there are ways to kill crabgrass later in the season, but the process is a pain, and it never does as good of a job as you hope. Often times you end up killing more than just the crabgrass, or it is too mature to effectively use a crabgrass killer on. 

Are you interested in preventing crabgrass this year? If so, we highly recommend using Fertilome For All-Seasons II Crabgrass Pre-emergent!

Mike Ray, Store Manager

This is Step 1 in our 3-Step Lawn Care Program here at Skinner’s. 

This pre-emergent uses an active ingredient called Prodiamine (Barricade). It takes out crabgrass while it’s trying to germinate. It provides season long coverage with only one application, and it also covers your Spring fertilization… all in one! 

If you are planning on seeding your lawn this Spring, then this product is not for you. Please stop by the garden center and let us offer other options if that is your situation.

But if you have an established lawn, and you want to protect it this year, this is what you’re looking for… and now is the time to start putting it down.