The Dirt – My Dog is Sad

My Dog is Sad

The kids have all returned home. The decorations have all been taken down. The lights have been coiled up. And … this is where it gets really bad … the Christmas cookies are almost gone!

The holidays are now behind us. And all that’s left to prove that they were here are some fond memories; those last few cookies on the kitchen counter; and random sparkles of glitter that refuse to be silenced despite our best cleaning efforts!

And … a sad dog.

Potter’s not missing the holidays, but he is missing the kids! He gets that way every time they leave. First, he spots the suitcases and he starts getting clingy. Then, as they are loading their cars, he gets even clingier and finally, when they leave…the moping sets in.

Poor guy!

Despite the doggie rehab we’re dealing with, having the kids home for the holidays was great. And, this was an extra special year for us. This was the first time all three really “returned” home for Christmas.

Does that make sense? It’s not like they haven’t always come back here for the holidays, but now that they’re older, and living in their own places, having them back home was more special than ever. Those of you with older children probably know what I’m talking about. I learned this year it’s just different, but in a proud and happy parent kind of way.

“Look ma…our kids are all growed-up!

Anyway, our holiday season was great. I hope yours was, too.
Back at the shop, things have gotten quiet. The holiday crowds have gone away and wintertime grind has set in. This is our slow time. The next couple months will be pretty quiet, but still very busy.
Getting ready for a new garden season takes a lot of work. The list of things that need to be done before spring gets here is long and we’re all hard at it making sure that happens. So, even though the parking lots isn’t full, we’re still busy. It’s just a winter time busy.
Just in time for the New Year, we received a fresh load of house plants. The store has been decked out with a fresh coat of green. It’s been a nice escape during recent cold snowy days. So, if you find yourself needing a little escape into the “green,” come on by and take a peek. Heck, you might even find something your just didn’t know you needed!
In the meantime, I’ll be trying to cheer up our dog.
Stay warm!
– Cameron Rees