The Dirt – Springing Leaks? (Not the Kind of Spring I Care For.)

Springing Leaks?
(Not the Kind of Spring I Care For.)

It started with a leak. A small puddle of water on the floor. A clear sign something was not right.

A few days later, the repairman confirmed it. It was time to search for a new washing machine.

My wife, Kim, worked diligently finding the right one, got it ordered and we were blessed with its arrival last Friday… and just in time. After two weeks without a washing machine, I’d built up quite a pile.

I say “I” and not “we” because Kim has been out of town, spending some time with her folks down in Arizona. The pile of laundry was all mine.

Lucky me.

The sorting of the laundry was like an archaeological dig. The first layers were shorts and t-shirts… a clear sign of the previous week’s unseasonably hot weather. But, as I got deeper, the shorts gave way to long pants and the tees were replaced with sweatshirts. It was a good reminder of the cold week proceeding the record heat.

Gotta love Kansas weather!

Anyway… the new machine is in, the laundry is done, and I have lots of clean clothes to wear. Best yet – my wife gets back this weekend. Life is good!

In the plant world, life is good, too. Spring growth is pushing right along and spring flowers are coming on strong. I’m just loving our yard right now! There’s so much to gaze at.

Here are a couple shots I took the other morning.

Can you tell I like purple?

Need a little more color in your yard? Come out and see us!


Cameron Rees, General Manager

What’s New? Tropical Oasis Anyone?!

I’m all about the island vibe! I love the ocean breeze, cocktail in hand, relaxing to the sound of the waves. Reality is, I live in Kansas and have to pay a lot of money to get that vibe.

Next best thing is a chair by the pool with some Bob Marley playing and a cocktail in hand. Are you with me?!

How else can you bring the island vibe to your house? Tropicals!

Tropicals are annuals that bloom all summer and can be planted in containers or in the ground. Just know that when the cold weather hits, their life comes to an end… unless you have a super bright window in your house. It’s all worth it though – to transport your deck or backyard to the islands. And, we have a large selection of tropicals to get you there!

Come on by and check these out in person.

Misty Brown, Lath House Manager

Garden Roses Are Ready… Finally!

The cold weather in March and April (and early May, too) really did a number on our garden rose crop. Don’t get me wrong, the roses are all great – they’ve just taken longer to grow out this year.

What is usually ready by the last part of April, wasn’t ready to go until Mother’s Day this year. But, since then, they’ve looked amazing!

Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Grandifloras, Miniatures and Climbers… they’re all either in bud or bloom right now and growing like weeds!

This is a once-a-year crop, so come out and get yours while they’re still here!

Smells and snapshots are free!

“Thymely” Advice - Lawns in May

I like to think about fertilizing lawns in May as a luxury. It’s not always needed, but it can really move you’re your lawn to the next level.

The key to fertilizing this time of year is just like any other time of the year. You need to know what you are doing and then choose the right products.

If we’re talking cool season lawns – the tall fescue most of us have – they’re already growing like crazy. In between mowing, grass blades are rapidly expanding; and, right now, flower stalks are shooting up even faster. Too much fertilizer, or the wrong kinds – like the quick release products we use in the fall – will only make that worse.

What you need is something that feeds more slowly, more gently, and something that will provide nutrition over a longer period of time.

That’s why we stock Fertilome Green Maker.

With its special blend of nutrients, including extra iron and sulfur, things will really green up. And the inclusion of slow-release nitrogen will help keep the feed more gentle and going for a longer period of time. There’s a reason it’s called Green Maker!

Here’s another great choice for this time of year. Go organic!

Organic fertilizers provide nutrition slowly, so they are wise choices when a slow-release feed is desired, and they have the obvious added benefit of being organic. Nothing wrong with that!

One we’ve been using for years is Soil Mender Turf-Mate. It can be used on your lawn, your landscape, flower beds, veggie gardens, even your containers. It helps promote healthy soil as well as healthy lawns, flowers and plants. It’s good stuff!