Winter Porch Pots-Make that entrance look grand!

Now that cold weather has put an end to the flowers growing in your porch containers, it’s time to transition to Winter Porch Pots!
You know you can’t grow flowers in those containers through the winter. And let’s face it, they’re ugly sitting there empty and sad all winter. Why not decorate them  for the winter with beautiful arrangements of fresh winter greens? They’ll dress up your front porch or back patio and put a smile on your face every time you look at them. It’s really easy to do, and we can help.
We have great supplies to build whatever your dream arrangement may be. You’ll find lots of freshly harvested greens and all kinds of fun “accents” to give your porch pots a personalized touch.
The folks here can help you create great combinations and if you need just a little more help, we will have porch pot building classes starting after Thanksgiving. If you’d rather just grab and go, we can help there as well, with a nice variety of pre-made porch pot “drop-in’s” ready to go. All you have to do is take them home and “drop” them in your existing pots.
It’s so easy and keeps your home looking beautiful all winter long!