Yellow Nutsedge Control

This yellow-green plant is soon to be making its presence know it lawns throughout the area. It’s called Yellow Nutsedge and it’s a problem.
As the weather warms up it will be easier to spot. This time of the year, it will shoot up rapidly after mowing, more rapidly than your lawn, leaving the lawn looking unattractive. It is yellow-green color makes it easy to identify, and if you inspect closely, you will see that it has stems that are triangular in cross section…lawn grasses will always by round to flattened in shape.
Nutsedge gets its name from the small “nut-like” tubers it sets underground. These are produced at the ends of underground stems, or rhizomes. These tubers or “nutlets” can sprout immediately, forming a new plant capable of producing more rhizomes and more tubers, or lay dormant for years. Over the course of one growing season, one plant can develop into hundreds of new plants, that combined have the potential to produce nutlets numbering in the thousands. That’s why quick control is recommended.
Now is the time to start treating. Use Hi-Yield Nutsedge Control and make sure to follow label directions, using Spreader Sticker in with your spray mix. That part is critical. Wait several days after mowing before you treat to make it easier to see the problem areas. That also allows time for more foliage to emerge, increasing the effectiveness of your spray application. You should also wait several days after applying before you mow to give things a chance to move through the plant.

If you’ve had nutsedge growing in your yard for a while, you will also have a lot of dormant tubers. These dormant tubers provide this persistent weed a chance to redevelop in treated areas. If this happens, reapplication will be necessary. Keep in mind that tubers can lie dormant for several years before sprouting, so eliminating this troublesome weed after it has established itself can take several years of regular treatment. The good news is that if you stick with it, you can get the problem cleaned up.